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We try to keep as many of these scope models in stock as possible but stock changes daily so please call for availability.



If you are looking for a partnership for your Air Rifle or Rimfire, the Fireball range from WULF has you covered.

Split into 3 magnification ranges starting at a 2-7x32 and headed by a 4-12x50, these quality entry-level optics come with a 1-inch tube, an adjustable objective down to at least 10 meters, a second focal plane half mil-dot reticle and fully multi-coated crystal lenses that provide the shooter with some of the best optics available at this price point.

Backed by WULF's Titanium Lifetime Warranty, get equipped now!

All versions come with FREE mounts !

PRICE -  2-7X32AO - £55.99 (rrp £64.95)

             3-9X40AO - £59.99 (rrp £65.95)

             4-12X50AO - £73.99 (rrp £81.95)

     NEW 3-9X50AO IR - £69.99 (rrp £79.99)



If you’re looking for a lightweight, mid magnification Rifle Scope with side focus down to Air Rifle ranges, the WULF Lightning ticks all the boxes.

The 7-25x44 comes with a lightweight, 1-inch tube, a non-illuminated second focal plane half mildot reticle and 0.1MRAD tactical locking turrets.

The Lightning provides Hunters and Target Shooters with the perfect companion for their Air, Rimfire or Centerfire Rifle.

PRICE - 7-25X44 - £144.99 (rrp £159.99)

    NEW 4.5-18X44 - £99.99 + free mounts (rrp £113.99)



The WULF Hurricane series of Rifle Scopes have been designed from the ground up to fit the needs of both Centrefire and Air Rifle shooters.

Broken down into two-second focal plane magnification ranges - 4.5-18x and 6.5-25x - that are equipped with robust 30mm tubes, tactical locking turrets, illuminated (not LITE model) half mildot reticles with matching 0.1MRAD click values, and side focus down to 10 meters.

The WULF Hurricane series of optics hits the sub £250 price point, aggressively providing feature-rich models designed for multi-discipline use.

Backed by WULF's Titanium Lifetime Warranty, get equipped now!

PRICE - 4.5-18X50 -  £174.99 (rrp £249.95)

            6.5-25X50 - £199.99 (rrp £274.95)

    NEW 4.5-18x50 Lite - £149.99 + free mounts (rrp £164.99) 


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