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Our stock changes daily so please call for availability.

All prices shown are gun only, all accessories displayed such as silencers, sights, mounts etc are not included unless directly stated



Introducing ATAs first PCP air rifle: The ATA Airborne. Built with all the high end features you would expect to see on a rifle double its price, the Airborne will redefine your concept of what a PCP rifle can and should be. Among these features are a free floating barrel, side lever action, 12 round magazine and a large air reservoir to provide a big shot count between fills.

This is a brand new airgun to the UK market which comes with a massive air cylinder, side lever action, moderator as standard. The action is very easy to use and very smooth, and overall this new rifle looks set to be a game changer in the starter PCP market.

PRICE - £399.99

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