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A fine introduction to competition pistol shooting

Equipment designed for entry-level competition shooters require every bit as much forethought and expertise as that designed for experts. The newcomer to competition shooting needs a pistol capable of high performance, at reasonable cost, within an uncomplicated, practical format. Combining these features, in conjunction with Alfa Proj spol, is what led to the development of the Alfa, a pistol that offers everything you need to get you into the challenging, and immensely rewarding sport of target pistol competition.

With its compressed air reservoir housed in the grip, and over 80 recoilless shots from every re-charge, the Alfa makes a perfect training pistol or club competition pistol, and if you're ready to take up the target pistol challenge, the ideal introduction is ready and waiting.

The Alfa Pistol what's in it for you?

The Alfa pistol has more performance features than many air guns twice its size, and twice its cost. Within its recoilless, precharged pneumatic action, a power regulator has been installed to maintain consistency of muzzle energy and because the air reservoir is in the pistol's stippled walnut grip, than Afla's balance is excellent and assists on-aim stability. Further stability comes from the slots in the pistol's barrel shroud, which form an anti-flip muzzle brake, and the mounting rail at the base of the shroud which accepts the supplied counterweight for perfect balance. the match-type trigger offers multiple position and let-off adjustments, and the Alfa can be 'dry fired', providing a training facility without needing to discharge pellets. the pistol's competition sights are fully adjustable, and the front post can be rotated to offer your preferred sight picture, making the Alfa a genuine handful of target shooting potential.


  • Ambidextrous grip as standard with RH and LH options
  • Dry fire practice facility
  • Different sight element sizes
  • Lightweight giving better balance and control for juniors
  • Barrel weights to adjust balance
  • Adjustable trigger position
  • Fully regulated

CALIBRE - .177

STOCK - Ambi walnut, dedicated right or left at additional cost of £172.99

PRICE - £919.99 

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