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We can supply any Beretta shotguns but there are simply to many variations to list please call for availability and most up to date prices, for a full description of all models click here



The pursuit of perfection is a never ending journey and Beretta engineers are constantly striving to push these limits. They have now taken a step nearer to absolute perfection with the spectacular, NEW 694.

The 694 heralds a new dawn; packed with features to improve your shooting performance as well as a stylish and totally, distinctive new action shape. The stock and forend wood have been completely re-designed to give better feel and improve all the contact points between gun and shooter. The stock now blends seamlessly into the shoulder of the action to improve peripheral vision. The new all steel forend mechanism maintains a smoother constant opening pressure and provides increased longevity. Beretta innovations, such as Stellium Plus barrels and the B-Fast balance system, remain as a standard part of this comprehensive package.

  • Multi choke sporter - £3945.99 (We have on gun left at the old price of £3375.99)
  • Multi choke sporter adjustable - £4235.99 



Beretta, as a brand, are constantly evolving and enhancing their products, always taking advantage of the latest technology. Recently they have turned their attention to the bestselling Silver Pigeon 1, in both field and competition specification.A more defined and lustrous engraving has been created, using the latest laser engraving techniques. Sharper lines and better pattern definition have resulted in an elegant, scroll design which is modern, bold and beautifully balanced. The action is further adorned with the classic, Beretta trident, creating a truly handsome gun.

Additionally, the 12G and 20G field models will now incorporate Beretta's highly reputed Steelium HP Optima choke and barrel profile which are fleur de lis stamped and suitable for use with superior steel cartridges. Smaller gauges featuring fixed or mobil choked guns can be used for standard steel only. 

  • Multi choke field - £1835.99
  • Multi choke field adjustable - £1865.99
  • Multi choke sporting - £1995.99
  • Multi choke sporting adjustable - £2155.99



The 687Silver Pigeon III is the elegant evolution of the Silver Pigeon I and is a shotgun dedicated to hunters who want the efficiency and reliability of the 680 platform and an attractive appearance combined with superior wood class: it's available in all calibres, 12, 20, 28 and 410 and with two stock options.

Multi choke field - £2325.99

Multi choke sporting - £2415.99

Multi choke sporting adjustable - £2715.99



The DT11 Steelium Pro barrels with an internal profile which diminishes felt recoil, improves shot patterning and reduces muzzle rise with no loss of ballistic performance. The gun has a striking look; a two tone, nickel based finish to the action is perfectly complimented by the blue Beretta logos and detailing. Available in a broad range of options including Sporting, Trap and Skeet specifications.

  • Multi choke - from £8695.99 
  • Multi choke adjustable - £9125.99
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