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HIKMICRO Habrok 4K  – Entry Level thermal binocular

Introducing the brand new entry level HIKMICRO Habrok 4K multi-spectrum thermal LRF binocular which combines the detection power of a 256x192 thermal sensor with a high resolution 4K optical camera that not only delivers superb daylight clarity but an extreme twilight and darkness performance.
The HIKMICRO Habrok 4k HE25L is built around a robust & lightweight magnesium alloy chassis the HE25L combines a Sub 35mK NETD, 256px thermal sensor with a 4K digital optical channel, plus built-in infrared night vision, and a 1000m laser range finder to deliver an all-in-one device that does many things that a conventional analogue optic cannot:  

  • High performance thermal spotting will detect the heat of birds and animals and reveal their location even when hidden to the naked eye by camouflage, shadows, foliage and difficult light and weather. Thermal spotting works day & night.

  • The 4K digital optical channel adds a full colour ultra high resolution image in daylight, and a monochromatic image even in complete darkness.

  • Zoom from the 5.5x base mag all the way to 22x – In optical mode the 4K sensor ensures that you never run out of resolution across a wide magnification range.

  • The Habrok 4K digital optical channel in twilight is a particular stand-out, The digital system works extremely well in low light, well beyond the point that regular binoculars stop delivering an image.  (and on, into complete darkness).

  • Find, watch and enjoy wildlife in complete darkness thermal and night vision add another dimension to your wildlife observation. 

  • Powered by 18650 batteries With a run time of up to 8hrs from the two detachable batteries, you can enjoy extended trips into nature without fear of running out of power. 

  • The ability to record images, video and audio directly into the on-board memory, and play it back either in the device or to a phone or tablet nearby, means that even a fleeting glimpse of a bird or animal can be reviewed in detail for greatly improved identification potential.

Anyone who has used traditional optical binoculars will feel instantly at home with the size and weight of the Habrok 4K but with so much tech built in to enhance your outdoors experience. Quickly detect in thermal, view in the optical channels and record to the inbuilt memory. The HIKMICRO Habrok 4K is the binocular for the future. 

The robust and ergonomic Magnesium Alloy chassis exudes quality while also putting all of the major controls at your fingertips. This allows you to intuitively switch between the different image modes and take control of the other features including the 1000m laser range finder, even in the dark.

The Habrok is powered by two easily replaced 18650 batteries delivering extended run time. 

PRICE - £1199.99 (RRP £1299.99)



The HikMicro Habrok HH35 & HQ35 Pro thermal imaging binoculars combine a state of the art thermal imaging sensor with a fully focusable optical channel. This allows you to experience stunning vibrant colour images in daytime, and crisp clear night vision at night, coupled with an integrated IR illuminator and laser rangefinder.

Switch over to thermal, and experience the performance of a sub 20mK NETD thermal sensor and its impressive 1800m detection range. The Zoom Pro function actively rebuilds the image as you zoom in, reducing pixelation whilst maximising thermal performance across the entire magnification range.

HikMicro Habrok HQ35L thermal binoculars feature an advanced multi channel compact binocular which is perfect for wildlife observation, deer stalking, vermin control and security. With a highly sensitive sub 20mK NETD, HH35 has a 384x288 sensor and the HQ35 Pro has a 640x512 thermal sensor, delivering up to 1800m detection range with 3x to 24x variable magnification with Zoom Pro which actively rebuilds the image as you zoom, with minimal pixelation to deliver high mag thermal like never before.

Anyone who has used traditional optical binoculars will feel instantly at home with the Habrok, they are exactly the same size and weight. Not only can they show your surroundings in the conventional optical image the Habrok includes many extra functions to help you see even more.

Where the Habrok excels is in functionality. The high quality optical camera delivers a detailed, full colour daylight image that automatically adjusts in twilight hours to deliver exceptional performance in low light. Even total darkness will not stop you; the inbuilt night vision capability adds another dimension to your wildlife observation. 

The real super-power of the Habrok is the built in thermal camera. Animals and birds have evolved to be perfectly concealed in their surroundings, but this technology uses the body heat of animals to allow you to quickly locate them.

The Habrok uses the latest SUB 20mK NETD HIKMICRO thermal sensor to deliver a highly detailed thermal image. This high performance sensor is able to measure the smallest differences in temperature, building an unbelievably detailed image of heat sources and their surroundings.

Once you have used thermal detection to locate the animals, you can switch back to the optical mode, with up to 400m viewing range at night with the built in IR and up to 2600m detection range in thermal mode.

The robust and ergonomic Magnesium Alloy chassis exudes quality while also putting all of the major controls at your finger tips. This allows you to intuitively switch between the different image modes and take control of the other features including the 1000m laser range finder, even in the dark. The Habrok is powered by two 18650 batteries delivering up to 10 hours of run time. 

The comfortable eye cups and interpupillary adjustment in the eyepieces allow you to find the perfect fit for your eyes and offer a great view of the large OLED display. You can also use the HIKMICRO Sight app to stream your activity to your mobile device so your friends can share your view or you can remotely observe. You can record videos and images to the inbuilt memory and share them later on your social channels. 

PRICE - HH35 - £2199.99 (RRP £2349.99) 384x288 sensor

              HQ35 Pro - £2799.99 (RRP £2949.99) 640x512 sensor




The HikMicro Alpex stands out as an ultra HD day and night scope, boasting remarkable low-light capabilities. Its advanced sensor, purposefully designed for the 4K model, delivers a detailed color image in daylight, seamlessly adapting to twilight conditions while retaining vibrant color.

An upgraded battery system is a highlight in the new Alpex 4K design, featuring both an internal battery cell and replaceable 18650 battery options. This ensures swift and efficient field replacement.

Navigating the scope's settings is made effortless with the rotary encoder style adjustment wheel, granting easy access to the menu. This includes seamless control over magnification settings, featuring freeze frame zero functionality, multiple zero profiles, and diverse reticule options. Positioned conveniently next to the eyepiece, the Hik Alpex 4K menu controls facilitate swift transitions between day and night modes, as well as activation of recording options.

Integrated recording capabilities encompass audio, images, and video, all stored on the generous internal 64GB memory. The Alpex A50E goes a step further with recoil-activated recording and WiFi connectivity for seamless linking and direct streaming to the Hik Sight app. This all-inclusive scope elevates your shooting experience with cutting-edge features and user-friendly controls


  • Sensor Resolution: 3840 × 2160 UHD detector

  • 1920 × 1080 0.49'' sub-round OLED display

  • 50 mm lens with F1.2 to 2.5 adjustable aperture

  • Frame Rate: 50Hz

  • Focal Length: 50mm

  • Aperture: F1.2

  • Magnification: 3.5x Optical

  • Display Resolution: 1024 x 768 px (Round Display)

  • Digital Magnification: 4x

  • WIFI: Hik Sight App

  • Recording with Audio

  • Storage : 64GB

  • Power: up to 11hr runtime

  • Weight : 1080 gram (without external battery)

  • Warranty: 3 year

  • PRICE - £849.99 RF version, £699.99 no RF version. These units DO NOT come with an IR torch.




Sharing the same design philosophy, robust build quality and high performance thermal sensors as the class leading Falcon and Condor monoculars, the Lynx 2.0 redefines expectations from entry level thermal products. 

Compact and powerful - Built on a robust magnesium-alloy chassis, the Lynx 2.0 has a distinctly premium feel from the first time you pick it up. The updated chassis design also features a removable 18650 battery delivering up to 6.5 hours of run time. The ergonomic buttons fall easily to hand and allow you to intuitively take control of the main features, even in complete darkness. The large OLED screen gives a great view of your surroundings while the soft eyecup prevents unwanted light spill.  

Digital connectivity – The Lynx 2.0 is supplied with the latest HIKMICRO software which gives you fast access to commonly used options like brightness and contrast and allows you to add a PIP screen to your monocular. The Lynx 2.0 offers a choice of four thermal colour profiles, the ability to record pictures or video and WiFi to allow you to connect, stream and control from the HIKMICRO sight app. 

The lower the NETD value, the better the imaging 

Thermal imaging works by sensing tiny differences in temperature, and the more sensitive the sensor is to minute contrasts, the better and more clear the image in the viewfinder. Lynx 2.0’s sub 20mK NETD sensors capture the sharpest, most informative images, even in challenging conditions; this means that you can not just find the heat of people, animals and birds, but capture the detail of the surroundings to aid identification. 

Convenience is king 

The Lynx 2.0 has been redesigned to maximise convenience in every area. The size and weight, at under 175mm in length and under 300g with battery, combine with the rugged build and comfortable rounded shape to produce a powerful device that can easily be carried and used at all times. The new power system uses industry-standard rechargeable 18650 batteries for a continuous run-time of up to 6.5 hours, which can be renewed by a quick switch of the battery to a (supplied) spare. Lynx 2.0 also features a 3 second Fast Boot time, to easily keep pace with the action in the field. 

Integrated phone or tablet hotspot 

HIKMICRO’s Sight App links Lynx 2.0 to your phone or tablet, creating a second display and adding functionality: You can control the device via the app, view and share recorded images and video, share the thermal view with others in your group, and control and update the software settings. 

The Lynx 2.0 is the perfect, versatile companion device for hunting, ecological survey, wildlife observation, search & rescue and security applications. The affordable price, high performance and robust, proven build make it a natural choice and it seems well set to take over the best-seller crown from its much-loved predecessor. 

PRICE -  15MM - £889.99

               19MM - £999.99

               25MM - £1149.99



The new HIKMICRO Condor LRF thermal monocular is built around the same high performance, SUB 20mk NETD thermal sensor that is found in the acclaimed Falcon series but with the addition of a 1000m Laser Range Finder to make it easer to judge the distance to your target, even in complete darkness.

The combination of HIKMICRO’s highly sensitive (depending on model) 384x288px or 640x512 12um SUB 20 NETD sensor and a high performance F1.0 lens ensures perfect detail recognition. Capable of detecting the smallest details like animal hair, subtle physical characteristics and information like branches and leaves. The Condor delivers a detailed picture of your surroundings and heat sources, even in the most challenging weather conditions.

Utilising an all-new magnesium alloy chassis with ergonomic grip and profiled buttons, the Condor is comfortable and intuitive to use from the first time you pick it up. It is compact in size and can be comfortably be used in one hand and slips easily into a pocket. Powered by a single 18650 battery the kit comes with 3 batteries and a charger supplied.

The Condor is controlled by the latest HIKMICRO software which includes advanced algorithm options including Image Pro and Zoom Pro which can be used to optimise the sharpness of the image.

The Condor also boasts all of the software features found in other HIK products including a choice of 4 colour pallets and access to the HIKMICRO Sight app which allows you to stream, control and record from your thermal monocular. The built in memory also allows you to save images and videos directly onto the monocular.

PRICE- CH25 - £1499.99 (RRP £1599.99) 2.5x base mag

             CH35 - £1699.99 (RRP £1799.99) 3.5x base mag

             CQ35 - £1899.99 (RRP £1999.99) 2x base mag

             CQ50 - £2199.99 (RRP £2549.99) 3x base mag



Brand new to 2023 is the Pard NV007S Rear Night Vision Add on takes the existing PARD NV007s platform and makes multiple improvements to further performance and portability. This small and compact unit now comes with a highly sensitive 2k CMOS sensor boasting a resolution of 2560x1440 and pairs this with advancements in PARDs technology to bringing the best night time performance we have seen from a PARD Rear Night Vision Add on unit.

With a 0.001 LUX rating and 30HZ frame rate the new PARD NV007s is built for low light and night time use. It comes equipped with a 22.5mm objective lens and digital zoom of 4x. The display within the NV007SP is OLED based and has a 1024x768 resolution with either a colour or black and white providing a crisp and sharp image to make sure you can assess your quarry and environment clearly before taking a shot

Much like we saw on the PARD NV007s the SP series features the same improved attachment system allowing for rapid and simple attachment to your existing day scope, opening the possibilities for your existing scope dramatically. Additionally being shock resistant up to a .308 caliber expands the range of firearms suitable for the the Pard NV007S Rear Night Vision Add on.

Built to last the PARD NV007SP is able to survive the toughest of conditions is key; this is why the Pard NV007SP Rear Night Vision Add on features and IP67 rating making the unit dustproof and waterproof (up to 1m for 30 Mins). 

Being portable is key for a scope attachment this is why the new design takes into account overall size and weight making sure your hunts are not hindered. A useful new feature on the Pard NV007SP Rear Night Vision Add on is the recoil-activated video capture allowing you to focus on your shot and not miss any exciting moments.

The on board IR illuminator has a 5 WATT 850nm IR and has 3 levels of illumination with an accepted performance distance of 350m. 

The standard 18650 3.7v battery provided with the unit will get the Optic working and useable for a certain amount of time. It is recommended that a separate, higher quality battery is purchased to achieve optimal run time and performance from your unit.

PRICE - £483.99 or £572.99 for range finder version 

PARD DS35 70 / PARD DS35 50


Released this Autumn the Pard DS35 is a revolutionary new optic that builds on the massive success of the NV008s.

The first thing that users will notice is that the DS35 now takes the form of a traditional rifle scope. Core to the new form factor is a world first for NV Scopes, an 800x800px round display. The unique LTPS unit delivers high-clarity images with rich contrast and an extra-wide field of view for enhanced situational awareness. This perfectly formed screen fits neatly in the DS35s eye piece, for an experience close to using a traditional glass day scope. Other advantages include a 50mm objective, 4-8x or 5.6-11.2x magnification range depending on model (see below) and a 30mm Aluminium alloy body that enables the use of both traditional scope rings and rifle specific mounting systems.

Whilst clarity and handling are two of the 35s most obvious features, they are not the only enhancements shooters can expect.

The new kid on the block features a more intuitive one shot zero, where the image shifts to compensate for elevation and windage adjustments.

Like other Pard models the DS35 is a great choice for both day and night use, with full colour image modes available until the darkest parts of the night, at which point users can switch colour pallets for optimal image recognition.

In addition to improved tech, the DS35 retains all the popular features of the previous models including Wifi Connectivity, self-activated recording and a fully waterproof construction.

DS 35 50 is 4-8x mag, DS 35 70 is 5.6-11.2x 

PRICE - £549.99 no IR no RF

              £699.99 with IR no RF

              £799.99 with IR & RF



The Hik Falcon FQ50/FQ35 thermal monocular are the flagship handheld product from HikMicro. Featuring a newly developed <20mk 640x480 sensor to provide outstanding overall scene detail, 35mm features 384x288 sensor

The Falcon FQ50 has new fast F 0.9 germanium lens system that allows more infrared transmission to the sensor

HikMicro have redesigned the overall body style of this product over previous generation OWL units. The Falcon now incorporates a magnesium alloy shell, that is IP rated, allowing for additional cooling and a rugged body for the most demanding of environments and usage.

The HikMicro Falcon FQ50 battery system utilises a 18650 battery cell that powers the unit upto 7 hours and can be replaced quickly. All Falcon units are supplied with two battery cells and an associated charger device, so you have a backup readily available.

Integrated recording functions now also include dual audio, images and video are captured and stored on the internal memory. The Hik Falcon FQ50 also streams directly to the Hik Sight app, all media and images can be accessed via this and associated firmware updates can be applied in minutes.

PRICE - 50MM £1999.99 (rrp £2599.99)

            35MM £1799.99 (rrp £2259.99)



The HIKMICRO Falcon FH35 35mm 384x288 will be the industries most popular thermal monoculars due to its advanced thermal imaging system that brings an industry-leading SUB 20 NETD sensor paired with a high-quality F1.0 lens together for the first time in a commercial grade unit. The HIKMICRO Falcon FH35 35mm 384x288 delivers the highest-performance thermal sensor available on the commercial market. This translates into an exceptionally high-quality image even in the harshest of weather conditions.

The highly thermally sensitive 384x288px 12um SUB 20 NETD sensor ensures perfect detail recognition. The HIKMICRO Falcon FH35 35mm 384x288 Capable of detecting the smallest details like animal hair, subtle physical characteristics and information from the surroundings like branches and leaves – building you a reliable picture of your target and its surroundings.

The HIKMICRO Falcon FH35 35mm 384x288 12µm 20mk Hand Held Thermal Imager Monocular replaces the popular Owl series and builds on the easy-to-use, ambidextrous chassis with a highly robust magnesium housing and four buttons that control all functions with ease, even in total darkness. Powered by a removable 18650 battery and with a run time of up to 6 hours the Falcon is ready for the longest hunting trips.

The eyecup of the HIKMICRO Falcon FH35 35mm 384x288 would feel at home on a high-quality pair of binoculars, comfortably holding the display in the correct position, giving you a comfortable view of the large HD OLED screen.

The HIKMICRO Falcon FH35 35mm 384x288 is the first HIKMICRO product to offer Image Pro mode. When activated image pro boosts the detail in the image both for animals and the background. In addition to Image Pro, the Falcon also boasts all of the normal software features found in HIK products including a choice of 4 colour pallets and access to the HIKMICRO Sight app which allows you to stream, control and record from your thermal monocular. The built-in 64GB of the HIKMICRO Falcon FH35 35mm 384x288 memory also allows you to save images and videos directly onto the monocular.

PRICE - £1499.99 (RRP £1699.99)



The ground-breaking Alpex day and night rifle scope is BORN FOR LOW LIGHT HUNTING.

The advanced sensor technology and image processing deliver a detailed, full-colour image throughout the day - automatically adjusting to twilight and continuing to display an amazing full-colour image up until total darkness.

When darkness sets in, a single button press activates the black and white night mode and the performance of the sensor shines again. Any ambient light such as the moon or starlight is enough to provide a basic image while adding the supplied IR torch allows you to see a highly detailed view of your surroundings.

Built on a traditional 30mm rifle scope tube chassis the Alpex is easy to mount using conventional rifle scope rings and retains the classic look of your rifle. The rifle scope tube also hosts the two internal lithium batteries that provide an outstanding 13 hours of runtime. The top turret that traditionally contains the windage adjustment holds a battery compartment where you can add an additional CR123a to gain an extra hour of runtime in an emergency.

The ergonomic design puts all of the major controls of the Alpex within easy reach.

Rolling the jog dial up and down controls your digital magnification (3.5x – 14x). Press and hold this in to access the menu which includes a simplified zeroing system with the inclusion of freeze-frame and magnification. Advanced software provides up to 5 zeroing profiles allowing you to use the Alpex on multiple Rifles.

The three buttons on the eyepiece control the power, recording and quickly switch between Day & Night mode while the precise focus adjustment is located around the objective bell at the front of the scope.

The Alpex is also fitted with a microphone and recoil-activated recording so it is easier to record your special hunting moment onto the built-in 64GB internal memory. Connecting to the HIKMICRO Sight app makes it quick and easy to share these memories with your friends or stream the output from the scope in real-time while you are in the field with your hunting buddy.

Please note: The sensor used in the Alpex is extremely sensitive so does not require a high-power IR torch to provide a clear image, you may notice overexposure if used with extremely powerful VCSEL torches.

£649.99 (Now available without IR torch at £549.99)



Joining the range of HIK Micro thermal monoculars – the Lynx LE10 is focused on delivering high-level thermal performance at an entry-level price point.

At the heart of this enhanced performance is the 256 x 192, 12um sensor, this delivers higher levels of image detail that will be especially useful when trying to locate and identify small animals like rabbits, squirrels and birds. The sub 35 NETD performance of the sensor ensures detection of small temperature changes and excellent performance in harsh conditions.

The Lynx 10mm offers the same software as the more expensive HIK models and includes 4 colour palettes, white-hot, black hot, red hot and fusion. The LE10 can also record video or images with the onboard memory or connect to the T-Vision app to seamlessly share or record your shooting experience.

The fixed-focus optical system and wide field of view make it easy to quickly scan large areas and identify them.

PRICE - £549.99 (RRP £649.99)



The Pard NV007V Series Rifle Scopes Attachments have been designed to be highly performance and portable devices able to attach and work well with most rifle scopes. This makes the NV007V a great choice for vermin shooters working on a budget.

The NV007V features a high definition OLED screen capable of offering images and footage with incredible clarity as well as accurate colours. The scope can record as well to the expandable storage so the important moments are not forgotten, this can be expanded up to 128GB. In addition to this a further feature of Wifi Connectivity allows the scope to be linked to mobile devices enabling control on the fly as well as a further display.


To charge the NV007A follow the steps below:

1. Remove the USB Port Cover

2. Plug the USB Cable into the USB port

3. Plug the opposite end into a power source

The indicator will show red whilst charging and will turn green when the battery is fully charged

High Definition OLED 1024X768 Screen

Wifi Connectivity / Smart Phone Control

Hd Video Recording Function

1920x1080 Full HD Sensor

Upto 128Gb External Storage

PRICE - £334.99 SALE NOW £284.99




The Cheetah is a front-mounted digital night vision add-on that allows you to convert your conventional optical scope into a high-performance night vision riflescope. The Cheetah provides the perfect solution for shooters who want to maintain the uncompromising daytime performance of their optical scopes and then quickly convert to night vision for vermin control. Now with the added advantage of a 1000m laser range finder allowing you to accurately judge distances while shooting in the day or at night.

The Cheetah is capable of outstanding nighttime performance, drawing on all of HIKMICRO’s expertise in sensor technology and software design. The inbuilt IR delivers up to 400m of detection range in total darkness and delivers a crisp image to the HD OLED display.

The supplied adaptor clamps to the objective bell of your optical scope you create a stable and repeatable mounting point to quickly attach and remove the Cheetah unit

LRF VERSION - £599.99


Welcome the Ultimate Air Rifle and Rimfire Day / Night vision scope The HikMicro Cheetah Riflescope is a high-performance dedicated digital day & night riflescope. Optimised to deliver a high-resolution full-colour image in the daytime before converting to night mode to give you a detailed black and white image with up to 400m of detection distance with the built-in IR illuminator. It also has the ability to bridge the gap between day and night seamlessly thanks to its CMOS sensor that provides a twilight full colour image like no other at Air rifle and Rimfire ranges. This doesnt mean the HikMicro Cheetah cannot be used on centerfires though, this rugged day / night rifle scope holds it own on the heaviest of recoiling rifles. 

The Cheetah is capable of outstanding day and nighttime performance, drawing on all of HIKMICRO’s expertise in sensor technology and software design. The inbuilt IR delivers up to 400m of detection range in total darkness and delivers a crisp image to the HD OLED display. The 2.7x optical magnification is extended with up to 8x digital magnification, giving you a magnification range between 2.7 – 22x.

The Cheetah is supplied with a Picatinny rail so it is ready to attach to your rifle straight out of the box. 

LRF VERSION - £549.99

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