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Schmidt & Bender Klassik 8x56 Hungarian

This Schmidt & Bender Klassik 8x56 with a 30mm tube and the A7 reticle is an absolute bargain at £450 with top quality European glass producing a crystal clear image edge to an edge and will give the shooter a top quality scope for a far east price.

The Schmidt & Bender Klassik 8x56 Hungarian is the specialist for the hide hunt at night for wild boar or for hunting foxes in a baiting place.

Rotation Indicator

Schmidt & Bender Klassik 8x56 scopes include a rotation indicator, created to give a visual reference of the position of the reticle within its adjustment range. The display contains a black dot in a white window that shows the reticle position.

When mounted, this allows the gunsmith to verify if the black dot is close to the letter "M", indicating that a sufficient adjustment range in both directions is available for zeroing.


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