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All prices shown are gun only, all accessories displayed silencers, sights, mounts etc are not included unless directly stated.
All our Weihrauch products are genuine Hull Cartridge imports with full UK warranty. When purchasing any Weihrauch gun make sure it has the Hull Cartridge stamp to confirm it is a genuine UK product and is set to correct UK standards.




Weihrauch's newest sporter HW 110 ST, a new pre-charged air rifle from Weihrauch: excellent accuracy • vibration free shot release • fast and easy repeating • 10-shot magazine capacity • built-in, fillable air cartridge with 200 bar • integral pressure gauge and quick-fill equipment • with regulator • system also available left-handed (against extra charge) • available in cal. .177” (4,5 mm), cal. .20” (5,0 mm) and .22” (5,5 mm) • well-balanced • two stage adjustable match trigger with manual safety • ambidextrous, black sporter stock with soft-touch finish • weaver-type rail for optic mount.
PRICE - £699.99

Weihrauch HW30s

The HW30s features all the same build quality and features as the rest of the Weihrauch range such as the record trigger, auto safety and open sights but is compressed into a neat junior size. This is one of the best junior rifles available and with an approximate power of 6-7ftlbs is an ideal first rifle. 

LENGTH - 1020mm (40.1 ")
WEIGHT - 2.5kg (5.5lb)
CALIBRE - .22, .177
STOCK - Beech
PRICE - £193.99

Weihrauch HW99s
The no nonsense lightweight work horse of the Weihraugh range, full power and accuracy, built to a very affordable price, yet the specification still has: The all important Record two-stage trigger and automatic cross bolt safety. One piece tunnel foresight and multi adjustable rear sight.
LENGTH - 1050mm (41.5 ")
WEIGHT - 3.2kg (7lb)
CALIBRE - .22, .177
STOCK - Beech
PRICE - £209.99
Weihrauch HW35K
This was the rifle that changed the face of modern airgunning. The HW35 introduced the multi-adjustable two-stage Record trigger assembly with automatic cross bolt safety, it also features: The unique barrel locking mechanism. Weihrauch Lux standard open sight system.
LENGTH - 1050mm (41.5")
WEIGHT - 3.8kg (8.4lb)
CALIBRE - .22, .177
STOCK - Beech
PRICE - £296.99
Weihrauch HW95K
Handling and performance go hand in hand with this rifle. The lightweight action does not give a power penalty. Another scope only rifle with clean barrel. A muzzle brake is fitted as standard to the longer barrel version, the shorter barrel is screw cut and fitted with an HW high efficiency silencer. Record two stage trigger assembly with auto cross bolt safety.
LENGTH - With muzzle break 1075mm (42.5"),
               With silencer 1155mm (45.5")
WEIGHT - With muzzle break 3.2kg (7lb)
               With silencer 3.1kg (6.8lb)
CALIBRE - .22, .177 (.20 at extra cost of £60)
STOCK - Beech
PRICE - With muzzle break £299.99
            With silencer £344.99 

Weihrauch HW98

The HW98 is based on the HW95 but with fully adjustable stock and weighted barrel for improved performance.

LENGTH - 1100mm (43.5")
WEIGHT - 3.75kg (8.2lbs)
CALIBRE - .22, .177
STOCK - beech fully adjustable 
PRICE - £429.99

Weihrauch HW80

The definitive hunting rifle with match grade accuracy. Rifle version has Weihrauch Lux standard open sight system. Carbine version has screw cut clean barrel fitted with HW hight efficiency silencer. Record two stage trigger assembly with  automatic cross bolt safety.
LENGTH - Carbine + silencer 1140mm (44.88")              
WEIGHT - Carbine + silencer 3.8kg (8.37lbs)         
CALIBRE - .177, .22 (.20 & .25 at extra cost of £60)
STOCK - Beech
PRICE - Carbine with silencer £399.99


Weihrauch HW90

A semi recoilless action based around the technology of Theobens gas ram system. The rifle version has lux open sight system and the carbine in screw cut and fitted with the HW silencer. The elite two stage trigger assembly has an automatic safety located in the trigger guard
LENGTH -  Carbine + silencer 1160mm (45.66")            
WEIGHT - Carbine + silencer 3.8kg (8.37lbs)            
CALIBRE - .177, .22 (.20 & .25 at extra cost of £60)
STOCK - Beech
PRICE - Carbine with silencer £469.99 

Weihrauch HW57
A unique lightweight, easy cocking, under lever action with self opening loading port. Fixed barrel precision, with front sight and rear sight assembly with quad rear aperture setting. Record two stage trigger assembly with automatic cross bolt safety.
LENGTH - 1020mm (40.16")
WEIGHT - 3.2kg (7.05lb)
CALIBRE - .177, .22
STOCK - Beech
PRICE - £279.99
Weihrauch HW77/ 77K
The rifle that introduced the word to the Weihrauch under lever action. The rifle has a full specification: A choice of two barrel lengths, Rifle or Carbine. Removable front sight, fully adjustable rear sight assembly for eye relief, windage and elevation, with quad rear aperture setting. Record two stage trigger assembly with automatic cross bolt safety and rubber recoil pad and extended fore-end.
LENGTH - Rifle 1120 mm (44.09")
               Carbine 1020 mm (40.16")
WEIGHT - Rifle 4.1kg (9.03lb)
               Carbine 4.0kg (8.81lb)
CALIBRE - .177, .22
STOCK - Beech / forest green laminate.
PRICE - Beech £399.99, laminate £439.99
Weihrauch HW97k
Weihrauch's legendary spring powered Field Target rifle. Under lever action. A scope only carbine air rifle. Fixed barrel precision, with under lever action and sliding breech. The rifles' specification includes: Clean barrel with fixed silencer, Record two-stage trigger assembly with automatic cross bolt safety, anti bear trap assembly, rubber recoil pad, raised cheek piece and extended fore-end.
LENGHT - 1020 mm (40.16")
WEIGHT - 4.2kg (9.25lb)
CALIBRE - .177, .22
STOCK - Beech, synthetic
PRICE - Beech sporter £409.99
            Beech thumb hole £484.99
            Synthetic black £395.99
            Synthetic nickel £425.99
            Blue laminate £ 455.99

Weihrauch HW100


These rifles have a standard specification that is packed with features which set it apart from other guns in its class: Fast fire side leaver action with 14-shot rotary magazine(two supplied), Weihrauch moderator, walnut stock,quick fill system, 1/2" unf screw cut barrel and integral pressure gauge are fitted to all rifles as standard.
SHOTS - Rifle .22 150, .177 100
             Carbine .22 75, .177 50 these are a guide only as Weihrauch does not state shot capacity.
LENGTH - Rifle 1058mm (41.5")
               Carbine 958mm (37.5) these lengths include the moderator
WEIGHT - Rifle 3.8kg (8.38lb)
               Carbine 3.3kg (7.27lb)
CALIBRE - .22, .177
STOCK  - Walnut sporter, Walnut thumbhole, Laminate thumbhole
PRICE  - £859.99 all walnut versions 
           - £929.99 adjustable laminate version 
           - £799.99 green synthetic version