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All prices shown are gun only, all accessories displayed silencers, sights, mounts etc are not included unless directly stated.
All our Weihrauch products are genuine Hull Cartridge imports with full UK warranty. When purchasing any Weihrauch gun make sure it has the Hull Cartridge stamp to confirm it is a genuine UK product and is set to correct UK standards.


The latest offering from Weihrauch is the full power 6ftlbs multi shot PCP HW44, it features open sights and twin rail system options plus 2 x 10 shot mags, an optional silencer is also available.
PRICE - £629.99

Weihrauch HW40

The HW40 is an affordable entry level single stroke pneumatic recoiless  pistol with features such as true glow sights, auto safety catch and left or right use LENGTH - TBC
CALIBRE - .177
PRICE - £141.99


Modeled in the design of one of the most famous use of guns in the world. Very compact design for an air gun with this very high performance, the spring piston system has 2 power settings depending on stroke, adjustable match trigger, finely adjustable micrometer rear sight with fiber optics, prism rail for scope mounting, wooden grips suitable for right and left handed. Black & Silver Star models also feature laminate wood pistol grips
CALIBRE - .177, .22
PRICE - HW45 £275.99  
            HW45 Black Star £299.99          
            HW45 Silver star £311.99


Match air pistol HW 75: Single stroke pneumatic. Absolutely recoilless, all round training pistol, dry firing mechanism and walnut sport grip, ambidextrous.
CALIBRE - .177/.22
PRICE - £324.99