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Poultry and Duck Feeds

Heygates Specialist Layers Pellets is a high energy layers ration with boosted levels of amino acids compared to the Country Layers pellets. This feed is designed for more intensive units to give an extra boost to egg production.
Nutritional Info
Oils & fats 4%, protein 17%, fibre 5% & ash 14%
Wheat, dehulled soya bean meal, calcium carbonate, wheat feed, sunflower seed, germ expeller, bakery & confectionary products, vitamins & trace                 elements, dicalcium phosphate & vegetable oil.
Price £7.99 or 10 bags for £75( 20 kilo bag)


A 3mm pellet for ducks, geese and ornamental poultry. Suitable for following on from chick crumbs through to maturity. Finisher Pellets may be fed for the last 2 weeks to birds being reared for meat to improve the finish.
17% Prtotein
Price £8.49 (20 kilo bag) out of stock


A similar ration to the Baby Chick but without the coccidiostat. Country chick can be fed to most young poultry and is specifically recommended for wildfowl.
19% Protein
Price £10.70 (20 kilo bag) 


A 2mm micro pellet with a unique balance of energy, protein, minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids to promote egg production. 
Price £10.49 (20 kilo bag)

Fancy Feed Chick Crumb

Fancy Feeds Chick Crumbs contain essential nutrients to promote good health and even growth, along with quality protein with essential amino acids for muscle and skeletal development. Includes betaine to help reduce the risk of dehydration. The product is fully balanced with vitamins and minerals. With Sel-Plex organic selenium to support the body's antioxidant defense system and immunity. Contains Bio-Mos to optimize gut health & immune response. Fancy Feeds Chick Crumbs are medication free and contain non-GM ingredients.
Price £5.99 (5 kilo bag)

Fancy Feed Mixed Corn

Fancy Feeds Mixed Corn, Mixed Corn is an appetising blend of English wheat and cut maize which can be fed to all kinds of poultry, waterfowl and bantams to complement a fully balanced diet of pellets or mash.
Ideally fed as a treat in the afternoon, Mixed Corn provides carbohydrate and fibre calories which are digested by the bird overnight. This helps maintain body temperature which is particularly beneficial during the winter months. Can be scattered on the floor of the pen to help satisfy the birds' instinct to scratch and peck.
Price £5.49 (5 kilo bag)