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We can supply any Beretta shotguns but there are simply to many variations to list please call for availability and most up to date prices, for a full description of all models click here


The A300 Outlander is the best value Beretta Semi-Automatic available at under £1,000. This attractively styled semi auto is made using genuine Beretta parts throughout and manufactured in Italy. This gun is a great all rounder with superior steel proofed multi choke barrels included at no extra cost. Available in 12g only in 26", 28" or 30" barrel length, available in either a tough synthetic stock version or an attractive wooden version.
  • A300 Outlander synthetic or walnut from £935.99 (1 left at £915.99)


The Silver Pigeon 1 shotgun is an outstanding Beretta offering excellent value for money.  The tried and tested 680 series action and low maintenance, chrome lined, cold hammer forged Steelium barrels provide maximum durability. 
The Deluxe model features game scene engraving and upgraded Wood.  A Beretta wtih a touch of class at a fantastic price. 
The Classic is adorned with a game bird inside a vignette, surrounded by scroll engraving.  The scenes feature woodcock and partridge on opposing sides with a portrait of a pheasant's head on the trigger guard.  The wood is upgraded beyond that of the Deluxe model and is approaching EELL standard
  • Multi choke field - from £1585.99 one left at old price of £1549.99
  • Multi choke sporting - from £1695.99 one left at old price of £1649.99


Fully-featured 12 gauge shotguns, weighing in at less than a typical 20 gauge, make the Beretta Ultralight series an exciting alternative for game and rough shooters alike. At 2.8 kg (6lbs), they have become the worldwide leader in lightweight over and unders. The Ultralight’s receiver is machined from a single block of light, yet remarkably strong, aircraft-quality aluminium alloy, specially heat-treated to deliver the strength and durability of steel, but with 65% less weight. A special Titanium insert in the breech face provides these models with the strength to withstand the punishment of years of use in the field. The Ultralight Classic has a semi-gloss finished stock and features a contemporary game scene engraving.
  • Fixed choke - £1915.99
  • Multi choke - £2095.99 

686E EVO

This ever popular model is back and even better than before thanks to higher grade wood and Optima bore/Optima choke barrels. 686E Only available in Sporting specification with a choice of 28”, 30” or 32” barrels.
  • Multi choke - from £2015.99 


The 690 Competition is the latest stunning addition to the Beretta competition range.  Like the 692 series it is based on the 690 action but with very different looks. The action and barrel are fi nished in a matt black treatment, contrasted with a polished, mirror finish, hinge pin and trigger. The branding and action decoration are in a distinctive blaze orange that really stands out against the dark tones of the action. The top lever is also over moulded with a soft touch, but easy to grip, rubberised coatin
  • Fixed choke trap - £2045.99
  • Multi choke - from - £2385.99 (ONE LEFT AT £2315.99)


A state of the art ballistics, with Steelium OCHP barrel, meets an elegant and unique design, embellished by the finest engraving and woods.
You won’t find anything performing better on so many terrain than the over and under Beretta 690 family. A new timeless classic to hand over to the next generation.
Every Beretta over and under shotgun is unique to its owner, but there’s something that makes it even more special: the quality of its Steelium barrels. Owning a shotgun with the unrivaled Steelium ballistics means being able to get the best of precision and durability, without any compromise.
Together with the slim profile, which made the Beretta over and under famous worldwide, the receiver of the 690 Field I features a double-fenced top and a wonderful floral engraving. Distinguish yourself will be easy with 690 Field I.
690 Field I features the best wood in its category, giving an extraordinary look. Every stock is carefully crafted, oil finished and checked by the master Beretta stockmakers to meet the highest quality standards.

SPORT - The 690 1 sport is an elegant, smooth shooting boxlock shotgun. Manufactured from specially selected 2.5 grade walnut, the stock has been further enriched by Beretta’s enhanced oil finishing process. Additionally, the receiver features a unique, floral engraving.
This gun also features Optima HP barrels and chokes for improved performance.

  • Multi choke field from - £2045.99 one left at old price of £1999.99
  • Multi choke sport from - £2175.99


The 690 Field III is the latest in a new generation of Beretta boxlock over and unders. Launched in July 2014, The 690 Field III has been extremely well received by the shooting media.  The unveiling of this new line of shotguns commenced 2013 with the launch of the 692. However, this latest gun follows on from the 687, the Silver Pigeon III and the Silver Pigeon Deluxe; continuing Beretta’s line of superior field guns.
The traditional Beretta, over and under has been combined with the highest technology to create this beautiful, accurate and elegant shotgun. Steelium barrels guarantee absolute precision while minimising weight, creating a jewel of a gun.
The new action is a modernised development of the tried and tested 680 series giving you a really reliable gun that requires minimal maintenance.
As you would expect of Beretta, the gun is simply beautiful to look at. The stock is manufactured from specially selected high grade walnut and is oil finished. The receiver is Nistan finished with exquisite, roll marked game scene engraving.
The 690 Field III weighs slightly less than previous 687 shotguns, thanks to the reengineered barrels and fore-end design. But it isn’t just the lightness that surprises, the gun is perfectly balanced and really delivers everything you want from a field gun. Available in 26”, 28” and 30” barrel length with flush fitting Optima choke HP.
  • Multi choke field from - £2355.99


The new Beretta 692 shotgun features a successful mix of tradition and technology, to provide better ballistics and ergonomics, together with the elegant design that makes this shotgun absolutely outstanding.
  • Multi choke - from £3025.99


The DT11 Steelium Pro barrels with an internal profile which diminishes felt recoil, improves shot patterning and reduces muzzle rise with no loss of ballistic performance.  The gun has a striking look; a two tone, nickel based finish to the action is perfectly complimented by the blue Beretta logos and detailing. Available in a broad range of options including Sporting, Trap and Skeet specifications.
  • Multi choke - from £7225.99