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Quite simply, all the Field Target rifle you will ever need.
Three essential elements have to come together to achieve succes in field target shooting. Those elements are performance, precision and control, and you'll find the ultimate versions of all three in the Air Arms FTP 900 field target rifle. This is a rifle forged from the success of the company's world-beating EV2 range, purpose built to win at the highest level. With over 25 areas of adjustment available, the FTP 900 will fit you and your shooting style to perfection, while the unrivalled accuracy of its fully-regulated action delivers every shot with pinpoint precision. A full-soecification match trigger system, extended scope mounting rail, world-class competition barrel, plud fold-away spirit level and windicator arm, add yet more control and match winning potential, leaving you to be the best you can possibly be. The FTP 900 is the finest field target rifle in the world - because it was made to be just that from the start.
  • ~ Precision, fully-regulated, recoilless sidelver action
  • ~ Competition-proven barrel system
  • ~ Multi-adjustable match stock for perfect fit
  • ~ Full-specification, multi-adjustable match trigger unit
  • ~ Over 100 full power shots per charge
  • ~ Built-in air-stripper and muzzle-flip deflector
  • ~ Comes with fold-awaay spirit-level and windicator arm
  • ~ Fully-shrouded barrel with floating option
The FTP 900 - what's in it for you?At its highest level, field target shooting, be it FT or HFT, demands versatility and total control under all conditions. A winning rifle, therefore, needs to provide the clinical performance and adjustable precision of a match rifle, from the reliability of an all-weather sporter. The demand for versatility comes with the need to take on demanding targets from all angles, and from the sitting, kneeling and standing stances. That means you need a rifle that will not only fit you perfectly, whatever your body type and shooting style, but also one that can be adapted to provide total control at all times. That rifle is the Air Arms FTP 900.
STOCK - adjustable laminate
PRICE - £1899.99


The Air Arms HFT 500 is a specialised rifle and worthy of winning trophy after trophy in hunter field target competitions. We can say this with confidence because it provides the shooter with everything required to win. All you need to do is provide the talent - and the HFT 500 will do the rest.
  • ~ Single shot side lever action
  • ~ Laminated stock, adjustable butt pad & ball mounted cheek piece
  • ~ Multi adjustable match trigger
  • ~ Accessory rail
  • ~ Extended air cylinder for greater shot capacity
  • ~ Fully floating match grade Lothar Walther barrel
  • ~ Muzzle with built-in air stripper
  • ~ Built-in manometer
  • ~ In-line 20 micron filter
  • ~ Stunningly unique colour scheme
The HFT 500, Hunter Field Target what's in it for you?
When you take an Air Arms HFT 500 into the competition field, you have in your hands the potential to win at every level. This proven rifle runs a consistent, full-power, precharged pneumatic action aligned to a specially commissioned match grade barrel, fitted with an anti-flip muzzle brake for enhanced stability on firing. The easy-to-use side lever cocking and loading system allows each pellet to be presented to the rifle's breech by the shooter, for fuss-free loading and perfect accuracy.
Hunter field target shooting requires versatility from competitor and rifle alike and the HFT 500's fully-adjustable laminate stock provides optimum stability, balance, fit and control in every shooting stance possible. A precision, position-variable, match trigger fine-tunes the HFT 500's ergonomics, and the multi adjustable rubber butt plate is there to provide optimum contact between shooter and rifle. Incorporating Air Arms proven S510 valving system already means that the HFT 500 has a proven track record, and the potential to win the greatest prizes in the sport. The HFT 500 Field Target rifle has it all. If you want to be ahead of the field - choose an Air Arms HFT 500.
CALIBRE - .177
STOCK - adjustable laminate
PRICE - £1099.99 
ACCESSORIES - Multi adjustable butt hook £176.99


The new Ultimate Sporter from Air Arms takes the tried and tested S510 action to a new level it is now shortened to an ultra carbine size and features a stunning multi adjustable laminate stock a band new design of silencer and spare magazine also come as standard.

CALIBRE - .22, .177
STOCK - adjustable laminate
PRICE -  BLACK - £999.99
             WALNUT - £1049.99
             LAMINATE - £1049.99
             REGGED VERSION ADD - £100 

TX200 MK3
This stunning gun is not only about looks but also has field target championship wins under its belt. Features such as built in silencer, rose wood capping & lothar walther barrel on all models surly make this a class leader.
LENGTH - carbine 975mm (38.5") rifle 1050mm (41")
WEIGHT - carbine 3.86kg (8.5lbs) rifle 4.2kg (9.25lbs)
CALIBRE - .177, .22
STOCK - beech or walnut
PRICE - beech  £479.99
            walnut £549.99 (WE HAVE ONE LEFT AT THE OLD PRICE OF £494.99)
A twist on the TX200 this gun uses a variation of the same fantastic action with built in silencer, but with the under lever hidden in the wood work it looks every bit like a full bore hunting rifle.
LENGTH - 1035mm (41")
WEIGHT - 4.1kg (9lbs)
CALIBRE - .177, .22
STOCK - beech or walnut
PRICE - beech £599.99 (1 LEFT AT OLD PRICE OF £489.99)
            walnut £669.99
S200 MK3
The S200 is perfectly suited as an entry level PCP rifle for competition use or as a hunting tool, due to its light weight & compact size it is versatile enough for use by adult or junior shooters.
Another great feature is that this is one of the few rifles which can be purchased as a single shot & then converted to multi shot at any time with the addition of an Air Arms 10 shot conversion kit.
The S200 target is the same spec as standard S200 but comes fitted with diopter open sights & can be requested in 12ftlbs or 6ftlbs. 
SHOTS - .177 55-60, .22 70-80
LENGTH - 910mm (36")
WEIGHT - 2.65kg (5.85lbs)
CALIBRE - .22, .177
STOCK - beech
PRICE - Standard model £499.99 
            Target model £549.99 (.177 only)
ACCESSORIES - Multi shot conversion £99.99
                       Spare 10 shot magazine £23.99
                       Air Arms silencer £51.99
S400 / S410 / S510
This series of rifles is a favourite with hunters & competition shooters alike with plenty of variations to choose from. Longer rifle actions give maximum amount of shots while the shorter carbine is lighter and more maneuverable, all feature an on board pressure gauge, the S400 offers a basic single shot bolt operated action, S410 adds a dedicated 10 shot magazine system & the S510 (available in carbine only) uses a side lever cocking system & adds full length barrel shroud.
FAC XTRA model feature a power adjuster which allows power to be varied at will from around 11ftlbs-30+ftlbs depending on caliber and pellet weight (FAC holders only)
SHOTS - carbine .177 60, .22 80
              rifle .177  80-90, .22 90-100
LENGTH - rifle 980mm (38.5"), carbine 885mm (35")
WEIGHT - rifle 2.72kg (6lbs), carbine 2.48kg (5.5lbs)
CALIBRE - .177, .22
STOCK - beech or walnut
            STOCK                          S400          S410           S510K           S510 XTRA FAC                
            beech                          £529.99       £719.99        £799.99              £919.99            
            walnut                         £629.99       £819.99        £899.99              £1019.99
            walnut thumbhole        £729.99       £919.99        £999.99              £1129.99
Rifle & carbine options are both the same price.
S510 is only available in carbine.
ACCESSORIES - Air Arms silencer £51.99
                       Spare magazine £39.99

The super light series are available with the same actions as s400, s410 & s510 but with aesthetic improvements to all.
Muzzle break also acts as a partial moderator.
Stocks are all ambidextrous & have a weight saving on average of approx 450g (1lb) or 15% on standard beech / walnut models.
FAC XTRA model feature a power adjuster which allows power to be varied at will from around 11ftlbs-30+ftlbs depending on caliber and pellet weight (FAC holders only)
             STOCK                    S400         S410          S510K            S510 XTRA FAC
             traditional             £579.99     £769.99       £849.99               £969.99
             hunter                   £5799.99    £769.99       £849.99               £969.99
ACCESSORIES - Spare magazine £39.99
                       Air Arms silencer £51.99


The Air Arms S510 TDR is an S510 with the ability to be broken down into 3 sections. The TDR is a full specification S510 sporting rifle and it's fitted with many features that make this rifle a worldwide best-seller. The TDR can be taken apart in a matter of seconds, and packed into it's sturdy new foamlined hardcase which allows enough room to keep your scope and moderator fitted. There is also room for a tin of pellets, filling connector and allen keys. The TDR is ideal for those situations where convenient transportation is required.

  • Available calibres, .177 and .22 
  • 40 shot capacity both calibres (15 shot capacity FAC). 
  • Ultra lightweight 
  • Unique fast assembly & take down 
  • Multi adjustable trigger with safety 
  • Ambidextrous Walnut stock 
  • 10 shot magazine (2 supplied) 
  • Accessory rail 
  • Fully shrouded Lothar Walther barrel 
  • Smooth side lever cocking mechanism 
  • Built in power adjuster (FAC version only) 
  • Adjustable butt pad 
  • Supplied with Qtec moderator 
  • Clip retainer for 2 spare mags in stock 
  • 20 micron filter 
  • Built in manometer 
  • Weight inc. case 6.5 kgs
  • PRICE - £949.99 (price includes carry case & silencer) 
  • ACCESSORIES - Spare magazines £39.99